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It is Our Job to Help You


Why choose our services

Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to providing service of the highest quality by investing the time and resources needed to help advance your business.   We take pride in the value we provide.  Our unique approach to our business is what makes us unique by providing  a consultative approach to both our talent pool and clients. Our areas of expertise are primarily in life sciences, Information Technology, and Healthcare.  

Our process

What we will do for you

At Silvan, we take on a consultative approach
to every search we conduct. Before we begin
identifying and attracting the most talented
individuals, we create a custom RPO
framework for your organization by first
taking the time to learn about your
company’s infrastructure, culture and
strategic plans, to ensure that every
candidate we deliver is of the highest quality
and the right match for your company.
We take pride in providing viable solutions to
solve our clients’ immediate needs. Whether
it's identifying top talent in the shortest
period of time or providing an interim person
to cover a vacancy while we are conducting
the search, we can be your solution provider
and a resource as our goal is to exceed your
expectations for long-term growth and
success of your organization.
We specialize in placing entry-level, middle to
upper management professionals.

  • Promote brand recognition in your local market

  • Sell your organization and employer

  • brand to every candidate

  • Engage with emerging talent

  • through partnerships with local

  • universities in your area

  • Provide an excellent candidate

  • experience

  • Support you through candidate

  • screening and onboarding

  • Address any specific recruiting

  • needs for your branch offices

  • Create a repeatable process for

  • long-term talent pipeline planning


Why choose our services

We are now providing expert consultancy, contractor and interim solutions In the ever changing and complex world of the Pharma contract Operations both clinical and commercial operations.  with 10+ years of experience, we are here to engage in clinical contract operations and with sites to get you up and running in the shortest possible time. 

We also have in-house expertise in Commercial Contracting operation We help with managing your contract life cycles from the bidding through to the final execution process. 

Here is where we can do to help.  We help to engage with each contract negotiations and operations using strategies that:

  • Reduce bottlenecks
  • Are clear & understandable to everyone involved
  • Processes that resolve negotiating issues seamlessly & quickly

We make the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your core business.    

Our Process

 As organizations face the challenge of short term skills needs and need for quick turnarounds, short term consulting is the key to agility and higher performance. A short term solutions, we work if life sciences organizations to provide clinical operation solutions to help speed up or meet strategic goals amidst changes within an organization.  We work with our partners to review your requirements, challenges and goals, and design a tailored  Consulting solution that delivers the results you need. 

We keep our process simple:

1.  Set up a Consultation 

2. We discuss your contracting needs, requirements, or practices

3.  create a personalized proposal, & we decide how best to move forward.

Our Obligation

Our mission at SILVAN is simply to provide high-quality in-house consultancy services targeted to fill short-term immediately needed skill within your workforce.  With our Inhouse consultancy and project design and delivery services, we tap into an expert consultant team 

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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